Eclipse Acceleo MDA Tool

Acceleo ( is an Eclipse-based toolkit for code generation, with a model based approach. Code generation is the technique of using or writing programs that write source code. Code generators are tools built to serve engineers in the automatic creation of applications. Acceleo is a free software, its development is totally open.


Fishbolt offers integration solutions for developing multi-tiered applications in Java programming language. Solutions offered by Fishbolt allow considerable reduction in costs for implementation and maintenance of software. The Eclipse based database client with the hibernate technology article demonstrates example of building of the complete application – client to database in several steps.

Instalar JDK, Netbeans y Eclipse en Linux

A continuación expondré cuales son los Entornos de Desarrollo más utilizados y/o famosos para el desarrollo en JAVA.

Los únicos que conozco son dos, además de muy famosos:



Estas dos IDE no sólo sirven para programar en JAVA, sino que desde sus webs puedes descargarte plugins para desarrollos en otros lenguajes y/o otra seria de aplicaciones muy útiles. Primeros, definamos IDE.


Sculptor is an open source productivity tool that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages.

You express your design intent in a textual specification, from which Sculptor generates high quality Java code and configuration. You can use the concepts from Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in the textual Domain Specific Language (DSL). E.g. Service, Module, Entity, Value Object, Repository. The generated code is based on well-known frameworks, such as JPA, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Spring Web Flow, JSF, RCP, and Java EE. Sculptor takes care of the technical details, the tedious repetitive work, and let you focus on delivering more business value – and have more fun.

The DSL and the code generation drives the development and is not a one time shot. The application can be developed incrementally with an efficient round trip loop.

Sculptor is useful when developing typical enterprise or web applications that benefit from a rich and persistent domain model. Sculptor also provides a sophisticated CRUD GUI for administrative sections of the application or to serve as a scaffolding for your manually created pages.

Within 15 minutes you can go from scratch to a running application, including build scripts, Eclipse projects, domain model, JPA persistence, services, Web Flow application and much more. Thereafter you can continue by evolving the design, add manual code and regenerate.

Sculptor is not an one-size-fits-all product. Even though it is a good start for many systems, sooner or later customization is always needed. Sculptor is designed and documented with this in mind. The generated result can easily be modified to meet your needs.

Equinox OSGi

Equinox is a lightweight, highly performant module system for Java.  No more JAR-hell.  No more wondering which version of the code you have. Using Equinox as your runtime you get full control of the code that running, the ability to dynamically reconfigure the system and rock solid performance that powers many of the largest commercial systems. Think of Equinox as an extension of your JRE.

At its core Equinox is an implementation of the modular OSGi framework specification — in fact, it is the reference implementation. The Equinox project includes a wide array of standard and additional service implementations in support of scenarios from embedded to desktop to server-side.

The Equinox project was founded by and is co-led by EclipseSource team members.

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