Axiis un Framework para la generación de gráficos mediante Flex

Flex Open Source Data Visualization Framework: Axiis

Posted by Jon Rose on Jun 03, 2009 12:16 PM

TopicsWeb 2.0 ,Rich Internet Apps TagsFlex ,ActionScript ,Flash

A new open source addition to the Adobe Flex world is Axiis, a data visualization framework released in May under the MIT license. Data visualization is a term frequently used to describe graphical views of application data, such as charts and graphs.

Axiis is built using Degrafa, an open source declarative graphics framework for Flex applications. Degrafa makes it easy to draw graphics, which is heavily utilized by Axiis. Degrafa itself is not sufficient for building a framework like Axiis because it does not have default capabilities for binding data to the visuals. One could think of Axiis as an extension of Degrafa.

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